"I am you" is a musical journey dedicated to the people and the land of Israel and Palestine. This hour long CD is a collaboration of many musicians from Palestine, Israel, US and Canada. It took two years to develop the vision and scope of the project and another two years to travel and record all the artists from Palestine, Israel, the USA and Canada. It is truly a collaboration and I am grateful to each of the artists for all that they contributed-- the melodies, lyrics, prayers and open hearts.
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I am you is a 60 minute musical collaboration dedicated to the people and the land of Israel and Palestine.




CD Artists:
Lior Tsarfaty, don benedictson, Patti Cathcart, Berry Sakharof, Mira Awad, Shaanan Streett, Damond Moodie, Chris Webster, Shlomo Bar, Naser Musa, Ali Paris, Eden Alena, Yael Deckelbaum, Aghsan Khalilihe Shhade, , Sameh “Saz” Zakout, Basheer Deek, Adi Rennert, Mark Eliyahu, Liora Itzhak, Shereen Daniel, Ashraf Daoud, Richard Moody, Rabbi David Menachem, Jami Sieber, Eliyahu Sills, Rami Ziadeh, Christian Dugas, Daniel Roy, Paul O’Neill, Micah Hendler and The Jerusalem Youth Chorus, Children’s Chorus from The Arab-Jewish Community Center in Jaffa.

Lior Tsarfaty Photo by Irene Young
CD cover Photo by Erez Herrnstadt
Design by Roberta Landreth

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